LaughingBird Liturgical Resources

Welcome to LaughingBird Liturgical Resources — a gift to the wider Church from the South Yarra Community Baptist Church in Melbourne, Australia.

Most of these resources are designed for use with the weekly scripture readings set in the Revised Common Lectionary (Copyright 1992 English Language Liturgical Consultation) and build on phrases, ideas and images from them. The scripture paraphrases and some of the seasonal resources use local imagery that may need to be reworked for use outside of Australia, but most of the weekly prayers could be used anywhere. Many of the resources you will find here have been warmly welcomed by ministers and scholars from most of the major Christian liturgical traditions and we’ve heard of them being used just about everywhere.

Permission to reproduce these materials for use in worship is freely granted. Acknowledgement is appreciated, and whenever it is indicated that these resources have drawn on the work of others, due acknowledgement is required.

The painting above was painted especially for this website by Paul Gahan, a Melbourne based artist and member of our church congregation.