Finding Resources by Lectionary Occasion

Year AYear BYear C
Advent 1Advent 1Advent 1
Advent 2Advent 2Advent 2
Advent 3Advent 3Advent 3
Advent 4Advent 4Advent 4
Christmas DayChristmas DayChristmas Day
Christmas 1Christmas 1Christmas 1
Holy NameHoly NameHoly Name
New Year’s DayNew Year’s DayNew Year’s Day
Christmas 2Christmas 2Christmas 2
Baptism of ChristBaptism of ChristBaptism of Christ
Epiphany 2Epiphany 2Epiphany 2
Epiphany 3Epiphany 3Epiphany 3
Epiphany 4Epiphany 4Epiphany 4
Epiphany 5Epiphany 5Epiphany 5
Epiphany 6Epiphany 6Epiphany 6
Epiphany 7Epiphany 7Epiphany 7
Epiphany 8Epiphany 8Epiphany 8
Epiphany 9Epiphany 9Epiphany 9
Ash WednesdayAsh WednesdayAsh Wednesday
Lent 1Lent 1Lent 1
Lent 2Lent 2Lent 2
Lent 3Lent 3Lent 3
Lent 4Lent 4Lent 4
Lent 5Lent 5Lent 5
Palm SundayPalm SundayPalm Sunday
Monday of Holy WeekMonday of Holy WeekMonday of Holy Week
Tuesday of Holy WeekTuesday of Holy WeekTuesday of Holy Week
Wednesday of Holy WeekWednesday of Holy WeekWednesday of Holy Week
Maundy ThursdayMaundy ThursdayMaundy Thursday
Good FridayGood FridayGood Friday
Holy SaturdayHoly SaturdayHoly Saturday
Great Paschal VigilGreat Paschal VigilGreat Paschal Vigil
Resurrection MorningResurrection MorningResurrection Morning
Resurrection EveningResurrection EveningResurrection Evening
Pascha 2Pascha 2Pascha 2
Pascha 3Pascha 3Pascha 3
Pascha 4Pascha 4Pascha 4
Pascha 5Pascha 5Pascha 5
Pascha 6Pascha 6Pascha 6
Pascha 7Pascha 7Pascha 7
Proper 3Proper 3Proper 3
Proper 4Proper 4Proper 4
Proper 5Proper 5Proper 5
Proper 6Proper 6Proper 6
Proper 7Proper 7Proper 7
Proper 8Proper 8Proper 8
Proper 9Proper 9Proper 9
Proper 10Proper 10Proper 10
Proper 11Proper 11Proper 11
Proper 12Proper 12Proper 12
Proper 13Proper 13Proper 13
Proper 14Proper 14Proper 14
Proper 15Proper 15Proper 15
Proper 16Proper 16Proper 16
Proper 17Proper 17Proper 17
Proper 18Proper 18Proper 18
Holy CrossHoly CrossHoly Cross
Proper 19Proper 19Proper 19
Proper 20Proper 20Proper 20
Proper 21Proper 21Proper 21
Proper 22Proper 22Proper 22
Proper 23Proper 23Proper 23
Proper 24Proper 24Proper 24
Proper 25Proper 25Proper 25
All Saints DayAll Saints DayAll Saints Day
Proper 26Proper 26Proper 26
Proper 27Proper 27Proper 27
Proper 28Proper 28Proper 28
Christ the KingChrist the KingChrist the King