Songs and Hymns


We Believe And Are Baptised.

Words by Nathan Nettleton © 2002.

May be freely reproduced for use in worship.

Sung to the tune of Lord, I lift your name on high by Rick Founds

  1. 1.With our trust in you, O Lord,
    We believe and are baptised.
    Plunged into the grave with Christ,
    we leave all weʼve known behind us.
    When you raised Christ from the dead to live again,
    You drew us from the pool, washed clean, and then
    clothed us in the life of Christ,
    shone your light into our lives,
    spoke our names and said, “Arise!”

  2. 2.Now your Spirit is outpoured,
    making all your people one,
    and anointing us to serve
    reconciling all the earth.
    Newborn like babies we leave the watery womb
    as the body of Christ raised from the tomb;
    pledged to live a common life,
    pressing on towards the prize,
    we believe and are baptised.