Songs and Hymns


Covenant Wine

Words by Nathan Nettleton © 1996.

May be freely reproduced for use in worship.

Sung to the tune of Bottle of Wine by Tom Paxton 1965

I wrote this song after hearing Tom Paxton perform his old song, "Bottle of Wine" at the Port Fairy Folk Festival. Observing how the song seemed to instantly bring a joyous spirit of community and communion to the audience, it occurred to me that I wished there were more communion hymns that did the same. By the time I'd finished the four hour drive home from the festival, I'd composed most of the song in my head.

Covenant wine, fruit of the vine,

flowing life blood of creation.

Bringing to birth the Spiritʼs new earth,

here in this great celebration.

  1. 1.Gathering around this table today,
    weʼre joining hands ʼcross the barriers of time
    With all of the folk who ever took bread and broke,
    and gave thanks sharing Covenant wine.

  2. 2.Jesus shared meals that scandalised those
    who had shunned those he welcomed to dine.
    He made enemies mates and treated sinners like saints
    as they shared ʼround the Covenant wine.

  3. 3.Every meal Jesus shares with his friends
    is a taste of the party in line
    When the Spirit has raised every one from their graves
    and Christ breaks out the Covenant wine.

  4. 4.Thanks for the body and thanks for the blood;
    love and justice and mercy combined.
    The covenantʼs sealed and weʼre nurtured and healed
    with life-giving Covenant wine.